First Vita Plus Dealership

As a FIRST VITA PLUS DEALER, you can earn through:

Retail Profit - Based on the 25% discounts on purchases and repeat orders of all First Vita Plus products.

Online Store - Set up your own Online Store for First Vita Plus products and EARN a net of 25% on all products sold through your Online Store. No Inventory Required. 

Sales Commission - For every Direct Sales of First Vita Plus Power Pack.

Sales Override Commission - For every First Vita Plus Power Pack sold by Dealers you sponsored directly.

Rebates - Residual Income earned through the 3-Level Rebate System of 3% (1st Level), 2% (2nd Level), and 1% (3rd Level) from the repeat orders and/or sales of First Vita Plus products sold by Dealers in your sales group.

Rev-up Rebates - An additional rebate incentive scheme, totaling 9%, generated from First Vita Plus product sales from Dealers, maximum 8-levels down, in your Sales Group.

Max-up - An additional incentive scheme generated from the sales of Platinum Power Packs on a Maximum 8-level matrix of First Vita Plus Dealers.

Group Sales Override Commission - Commissions earned through Sales Matches made by sponsoring new Dealers in your Sales Group A and new Dealers in your Sales Group B

Platinum Power Advantage (PPA) - An additional GSOC incentive program generated from the sales matches of Platinum Power Packs, called Platinum GSOC or PGSOC.

Titanium Marketing Plan - An additional Marketing Plan and incentive program applicable for those who buy a Titanium Power Pack.